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A Surf of Sparrows' Songs

A Surf of Sparrows' Songs


©Sasenarine Persaud. All rights reserved, Sasenarine Persaud. Unauthorized reproduction in any form or format is prohibited and is a violation of copyright law.


Miami and Toronto are the most insistent geographical coordinates of this passionate sequence of love poems, though Sasenarine Persaud infuses them with his own Caribbean and Hindu traditions. What is exotic about his poetry is not the Indian/West Indian content - the naturalized instress of his North American life - but rather technique ignited by adoration. So sentences fold together or release into each other, words grow into compounds, multiples, "Hindiwatercoconutfilmvendorheorine" being the most capacious. Experience and language are elasticized, time and space collapse into a new flow, under the transforming influence of the lover. A Surf of Sparrows' Songs is a sensuous verbal feast.


Stan Dragland

Then, poetry editor McClelland & Stewart (Toronto)

& Professor of English, University of Western Ontario 

Sasenarine Persaud

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